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Emoji Pop Answers and Cheats Level 3

Emoji Pop answers and cheats for level 3 has 20 captivating puzzles for users. The growingly popular game for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch by Gamoji Limited is an innovative style of puzzle/trivia game that allows 2 or 4 Emojis to create a compound word that users must guess. Users will find 20 puzzles for them to guess on level 3, and here you will find all Emoji Pop answers and cheats for level 3.

Emoji Pop Level 3 – 25
  • A black iron + A man with black hair and a mustache
  • Answer: Iron Man
Emoji Pop Level 3 – 26
  • A black spider + A man with black hair and a mustache
  • Answer: Spiderman
Emoji Pop Level 3 – 27
  • A Tiger + A shrimp
  • Answer: Tiger Prawn
Emoji Pop Level 3 – 28
  • A Tiger’s face + A green golf course with a red flag
  • Answer: Tiger Woods
Emoji Pop Level 3 – 29
  • South Korean flag + A horse’s face + A woman dancing in a red dress + Three music notes
  • Answer: Gangnam Style
Emoji Pop Level 3 – 30
  • A British flag + A fish + French Fries in a red container
  • Answer: Fish and Chips
Emoji Pop Level 3 – 31
  • A man, a woman and a child + A green tree
  • Answer: Family Tree
Emoji Pop Level 3 – 32
  • A blue car + A person swimming in a pool
  • Answer: Carpool
Emoji Pop Level 3 – 33
  • A baseball + A diamond
  • Answer: Baseball Diamond
Emoji Pop Level 3 – 34
  • A house + A person running
  • Answer: Homerun
Emoji Pop Level 3 – 35
  • A green tennis ball + A white shoe
  • Answer: Tennis Shoes


  1. Christine Carrion says:


  2. This Gurl says:

    What is bomb + bus + blown wind + blown wind

  3. what cigarette +gun

  4. Whats a rainbow +green and pink candy

  5. Angelique Derr says:


  6. disqus_dgWFbALdny says:

    Whats a man +glasses+ lightning bolt

  7. This Gurl says:


  8. red white n blue horizonal stripe flag + Tower ???

  9. whats apple + book + wind

  10. Badass_nichole says:
  11. Emily rose says:

    whats a clock+smiley face+ 2drinks+ 1 drink?

  12. Ahmad Razin II says:

    pup+ love

  13. melly_mel0206 says:

    a speaker with a red line going across it?

  14. Eliana Gomez says:
  15. A pig, a building and a dollar sign?

  16. Tecia Marie says:


  17. Whats guy swimming + guy running + guy biking

  18. What’s boy+glasses+lighting blot

  19. What Is ♥ & Envelope ?

  20. Kiah Johnson says:

    What is

  21. brittney says:

    can u show me stage 45

  22. brittney says:

    whats rainbow + candy

  23. Whats

  24. Eriana Jones says:


  25. disqus_3rAgko3Mcd says:

    whats statue of liberty +newpaper

  26. disqus_3rAgko3Mcd says:


  27. What is the brown hair man, glasses and a lighting bolt

  28.  Diamond  says:

    whats flag+horse head+lady in the red dress dancing+ music notes

  29. jaymoney says:

    Whars a rain bow and a pease of candy

  30. skittles says:

    whats a star and money

  31. nerrrrddd says:

    what is

  32. Eriana Jones says:


  33. Eriana Jones says:


  34. elidoukie says:


  35. Whats

  36. Marin Fares says:

    What’s a cloud covering a sun+two leaves

  37. what is a flag+french fries and boxes

  38. Eriana Jones says:


  39. nicole rodriguez says:


  40. Lady Sevilla says:

    whats a clock + smiley face + 2 beers + 1 big beer

  41. Lady Sevilla says:


  42. Lady Sevilla says:


  43. Kassia ToBahhd Doaty says:

    Whats a hand and a baby bottle?

  44. nicole rodriguez says:


  45. whats a man and a lightning bolt ?

  46. whats a man in a suit + a lightning bolt ?

  47. Whats a baby bottle+ a hand waving?

  48. Christa Victoria ☀ says:

    What is statue of liberty + newspaper?

  49. i’ve got level 3 – 44 but its not mine? Its a rainbow + candy

  50. What sun with clouds + leaves blowing

  51. Laila123 says:


  52. Santana Bell says:

    whats a man with white around head+man in boat+tiger

  53. what is + an arch

  54. Laya Trianna says:
  55. Tyler Patrick Michael Phillips says:


  56. pinkyy1200 says:

    What is a man + glasses +lighten

  57. whats a boy+glasses+lighting

  58. Kidmazing says:


  59. What is ⚾

  60. Wat is a baby bottle and a hand

  61. Tommy Schlaker says:

    what is a wedding girl + shower head

  62. What’s Money+Cow ?

  63. Cierra McBean says:
  64. Georgina Sullivan says:

    what is a rainbow + candy

  65. Mushie Mcmushie says:

    Smoking gun

  66. Alex Climi says:
  67. Becki Wood says:

    What this please ⛅

  68. Becki Wood says:

  69. Daniela Luvz Albi says:
  70. Steven Terranova says:
  71. whats boy + glasses + lightning bolt

  72. What is rainbow+candy?

  73. Morgan grated says:

    What is

  74. ashley jean durbin says:

    Whats is

  75. what is rainbow+candy

  76. Ashley Quinones says:

    Rainbow + candy ?

  77. What’s

  78. What is a clock+a happy face+two beers+one beer

  79. Dylan Johnson says:

    what is a baby + hand

  80. Yasie Higginbottom says:
  81. Yasie Higginbottom says:

    What is clock laughing beer and two beer

  82. Julia Riccardi says:


  83. What’s

  84. man with brown hair+ glasses+ lightning

  85. Whitney Storrow says:

    Moon + man walking to moon

  86. What’s rainbow + candy ?!?

  87. Beth Thorndale says:

    what’s a bowl of noodles+twohands together+a love heart

  88. Jada Smith says:

    What is

  89. Ryan Loving says:

    whats a happy face and a book?

  90. Adore Meh Marie says:

    whats a candy , lolipop, hammer . and boom

  91. Mallie Inmon says:
  92. Georgina Sullivan says:

    what is the rainbow and candy

  93. kennya Harrsion says:

    wat is

  94. kennya Harrsion says:

    wat is

  95. wats a woman+shower

  96. Karla Hernandez says:
  97. Kadie Sloane says:

    Smiley face + book?

  98. Kadie Sloane says:

    what is a clock + blue bucket with an arrow going up

  99. simpley_me❤ says:

    what is lady a man on a bout and a tiger

  100. Jami Huckabee Black says:
  101. Steven Terranova says:

    3 cherry’s?

  102. Carly Teal says:
  103. Lady running to horses

  104. monique mendez says:
  105. Jewel Sweetiepie Slack says:

    a clock+a happy emotocon+ to glasses of beer+one big glass of beer+

  106. Jewel Sweetiepie Slack says:

    what is candy+a lollipop+a hammer+a spark

  107. Jana Daoud says:

    Whats baby bottle+

  108. What is

  109. What’s a speaker with a mark goi threw it?

  110. Kelsey Peterson says:
  111. Mustaches says:

    whats a rainbow and a candy thing

  112. What’s

  113. Jessica Stine says:

    what’s a boy+sunglasses+a lightning bolt?

  114. what’s

  115. Shawnae Brown says:

    a man +sunglasses+lighting

  116. ashley jean durbin says:


  117. ashley jean durbin says:

    Whats the answer to

  118. ashley jean durbin says:

    Whats the answer to

  119. Angelica Rosado says:
  120. Angelica Rosado says:
  121. Jada Hernandez says:

    whats a boy + Glasses + lightning bolt

  122. Josephine Klausen says:

    What is

  123. what is +

  124. What’s an apple, a book, and a wind sign

  125. What is the clock + man +2 beers+ 1 beer

  126. A red slash over a,horn

  127. Darrien Ward says:
  128. Darrien Ward says:
  129. Darrien Ward says:
  130. Claudia Gomez says:

    A rainbow + candy ?

  131. Emily Price says:

    what’s a ball and the #23

  132. Conzo Stannett says:

    whats Clock+smiley face +two beers +beer

  133. Whats

  134. Does anyone know

  135. Plz tell me someone knows

  136. Brogan Shaw says:

    What is

  137. Alaya Machado says:

    What is a <3 + boat

  138. whats a smile face+a book?

  139. Random girl says:


  140. Emily Claussen says:


  141. What would a baby bottle and a hand be

  142. Alicia Beba Palmerin says:

    What is the queen and the hearts

  143. Julia Fox says:

    what is a kid + sunglasses + lightning bolt

  144. Amanda Reyna says:
  145. what is rainbow+candy

  146. Leah Michelle Blankenship says:
  147. it have a men glasses in a zigzag

  148. Jana Daoud says:

    What’s apple+book+blowing wind

  149. Blanca Palacios says:
  150. Tori Pretty'Based Mitchell says:


  151. tatyana harris says:

    A man + glasses +lighting

  152. keychelle says:

    What is the girl in the two hurts

  153. Taylor Whybrew says:

    What is bottle and hand shaking?

  154. jakiah brown says:

    picture of the lady liberty + news paper…

    letters are : e n e w i t o e m s i r k y

  155. eyes and candy

  156. Marisa Marti says:

    The guy+sunglasses+lighting bolt

  157. Marisa Marti says:

    What is a guy+sunglasses+lighting bolt

  158. Samantha Belony says:

    wat is the man with glasses and a light bolt

  159. Random girl says:

    What is

  160. Britney McBroom says:

    What is

  161. Amber Heath says:
  162. Marisa Marti says:


  163. what is the watch and a box thing with a red arrow sticking out of the back

  164. a swimmer+runner+biker….

    letter: h t n r k l h b a w z i t o

  165. Edyta Czeszejko Sochacka says:

    Light Bulb and video camera?

  166. Edyta Czeszejko Sochacka says:

    Light bulb and video camera?

  167. Edyta Czeszejko Sochacka says:


  168. Chryssa Underhill says:

    What’s :

  169. Anonymous says:


  170. Nalle Lopez says:
  171. whats a light bulb+video camera

  172. Ashley Rodriguez says:
  173. Edyta Czeszejko Sochacka says:

    Kvadrat and wine?

  174. wesbybrownmahogany@gmail.com says:

    what is a queen with hearts

  175. What is a man, glasses, and a lightning bolt?

  176. Hetta Ojala says:


  177. Maria Fernandez says:
  178. Carmelo Graziano says:
  179. peaches.brunson.pb says:

    What is

  180. Ce-Ce Lovinglife Brown says:

  181. Random girl says:

    What is ⛅+

  182. marina Clifford says:

    A rainbow+candy

  183. What’s

  184. What’s

  185. Rachel Reene says:

    What is

  186. Juuso Salahetdin says:

    What is tower+

  187. What is

  188. what is a clock +a smiley face +two beers +one beer

  189. Tykeisha Johnson says:

    What is the man an a glass of wine

  190. Anonymous says:
  191. what is a tiger+cheetah+paw prints???

  192. What is a rainbow and a piece of candy?

  193. Britany Safarik says:


  194. Random girl says:

    What is

  195. Britney McBroom says:

    What is palm tree+ drink with green lime+ lighting+ umbrella with rain

  196. What’s

  197. Tony Ajvix says:


  198. What is

  199. Whats a boy+glasses+ lighting bolt

  200. Jennifer Pham says:

    What is a person swimming+a person running+a person riding a bike???

  201. Tykeisha Johnson says:

    What is the

  202. YeaYeaWhatever says:

    A baby bottle +

  203. What is

  204. What’s ->

  205. What’s flag+fish+fries?

  206. Montara2012 says:

    What is

  207. Man-glasses-lighting bolt HELP!!

  208. Kyra Dilonardo says:

    What is a clock+ smiley face+ 2 beers+ beer?

  209. Hermie Carapatan Nohay says:

    what is the rainbow picture+candy

  210. Katarzyna Demczuk says:

    dog+heart ?

  211. Jessmunoz22 says:

    What’s a money bag & a cow

  212. Man glasses lighting

  213. Jana Daoud says:


  214. What is baby bottle+hand??

  215. wats the boy+glasses+lightning

  216. YeaYeaWhatever says:
  217. corn dog

  218. Hali Lukacs says:
  219. what is a bottle + Hand

  220. Rebecca Smith says:

    What’s tower+chat bubble+man with white cape thing on head+little kid wearing green hat?;(

  221. Jaylin Savage says:

    wat is flag hourse dancer and music

  222. Yosef Casas says:


  223. Hali Lukacs says:

  224. what is a light bulb + a movie projector?

  225. Whats the one with a speaker and with the red line through it??

  226. Emily hunt says:

    What is

  227. What’s

  228. samantha love says:

    what is a woman+ a shower?

  229. Mckenzie Loose says:

    what is a clock+ happy face+ beer+2 beers

  230. Carmen Cornejo says:

    what is a France flag (blue, white and red) black ball and a mushroom?? :/

  231. apple+book+cloud

  232. statue of liberty+statue of liberty…. huh I am puzzled

  233. olivette ford says:

    a boy, a pair of eyeglasses and a lightning bolt

  234. Helen Long says:

    Cat box top hat

  235. Connor Bailey says:
  236. whats a fist+bolt

  237. what is a fist and lighting bolt

  238. SyndaL Lewis says:


  239. Susan Williams says:

    what is a baby bottle ans a hand

  240. Susan Williams says:

    heart and boat

  241. Skieta Bramble says:

    What’s a syringe + red coupe car

  242. karen needham says:

    mouse, or rat, + knife and fork+ plate of spaghetti

  243. alex jenkins says:

    speaker with red line thought it and arrow up?

  244. Paige Granado says:

    What is

  245. Paige Granado says:

    What is

  246. What is a ball and the number 2 and 3?

  247. jenn_oldfield says:

    indian boy’s face , boat and a tiger?

  248. jenn_oldfield says:

    the indian boy’s face , boat and tiger was the LIFE OF PI (capitals is what you type in)

  249. Andre Carl Pasumbal says:

    what’s a cloud with an american flag + rocket ship?

  250. what is a man whith glasses and thunder

  251. What’s a rabbit head + egg cooking on a pan?

  252. what is a smiley face and a shoe

  253. Adrian Garrison says:

    Whats an American flag and a boat.(it’s not sail boat)

  254. Jessa viscayno says:

    what is rainbow+candy?

  255. South Korean flag + A horse’s face + A woman dancing in a red dress + Three music notes

  256. vanessa ali says:

    American+ rocket

  257. vanessa ali says:

    American flag + rocket

  258. What is a a Japan flag +bomb + USA +a picture of ship