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Emoji Pop Answers and Cheats Level 3

Emoji Pop Level 3 – 36
  • An airplane + A mailbox
  • Answer: Air Mail
Emoji Pop Level 3 – 37
  • A red explosion + Corn
  • Answer: Popcorn
Emoji Pop Level 3 – 38
  • A banana + A yellow boat
  • Answer: Banana Boat
Emoji Pop Level 3 – 39
  • A purple and green candy + A lollipop + A hammer + A red explosion
  • Answer: Candy Crush
Emoji Pop Level 3 – 40
  • A ghost with its tongue out + A ghost with its tongue out + A gun
  • Answer: Ghost Busters
Emoji Pop Level 3 – 41
  • A person with a white turban over their head + A person in a red rowing boat + A Tiger
  • Answer: Life of Pi
Emoji Pop Level 3 – 42
  • A teddy bear + A red heart + Two beers + A cigarette
  • Answer: TED
Emoji Pop Level 3 – 43
  • A purple crystal ball + A cookie
  • Answer: Fortune Cookie
Emoji Pop Level 3 – 44
  • A shrimp + A glass with a lime on the side
  • Answer: Shrimp Cocktail


  1. Christine Carrion says:


  2. This Gurl says:

    What is bomb + bus + blown wind + blown wind

  3. what cigarette +gun

  4. Whats a rainbow +green and pink candy

  5. Angelique Derr says:


  6. disqus_dgWFbALdny says:

    Whats a man +glasses+ lightning bolt

  7. This Gurl says:


  8. red white n blue horizonal stripe flag + Tower ???

  9. whats apple + book + wind

  10. Badass_nichole says:
  11. Emily rose says:

    whats a clock+smiley face+ 2drinks+ 1 drink?

  12. Ahmad Razin II says:

    pup+ love

  13. melly_mel0206 says:

    a speaker with a red line going across it?

  14. Eliana Gomez says:
  15. A pig, a building and a dollar sign?

  16. Tecia Marie says:


  17. Whats guy swimming + guy running + guy biking

  18. What’s boy+glasses+lighting blot

  19. What Is ♥ & Envelope ?

  20. Kiah Johnson says:

    What is

  21. brittney says:

    can u show me stage 45

  22. brittney says:

    whats rainbow + candy

  23. Whats

  24. Eriana Jones says:


  25. disqus_3rAgko3Mcd says:

    whats statue of liberty +newpaper

  26. disqus_3rAgko3Mcd says:


  27. What is the brown hair man, glasses and a lighting bolt

  28.  Diamond  says:

    whats flag+horse head+lady in the red dress dancing+ music notes

  29. jaymoney says:

    Whars a rain bow and a pease of candy

  30. skittles says:

    whats a star and money

  31. nerrrrddd says:

    what is

  32. Eriana Jones says:


  33. Eriana Jones says:


  34. elidoukie says:


  35. Whats

  36. Marin Fares says:

    What’s a cloud covering a sun+two leaves

  37. what is a flag+french fries and boxes

  38. Eriana Jones says:


  39. nicole rodriguez says:


  40. Lady Sevilla says:

    whats a clock + smiley face + 2 beers + 1 big beer

  41. Lady Sevilla says:


  42. Lady Sevilla says:


  43. Kassia ToBahhd Doaty says:

    Whats a hand and a baby bottle?

  44. nicole rodriguez says:


  45. whats a man and a lightning bolt ?

  46. whats a man in a suit + a lightning bolt ?

  47. Whats a baby bottle+ a hand waving?

  48. Christa Victoria ☀ says:

    What is statue of liberty + newspaper?

  49. i’ve got level 3 – 44 but its not mine? Its a rainbow + candy

  50. What sun with clouds + leaves blowing

  51. Laila123 says:


  52. Santana Bell says:

    whats a man with white around head+man in boat+tiger

  53. what is + an arch

  54. Laya Trianna says:
  55. Tyler Patrick Michael Phillips says:


  56. pinkyy1200 says:

    What is a man + glasses +lighten

  57. whats a boy+glasses+lighting

  58. Kidmazing says:


  59. What is ⚾

  60. Wat is a baby bottle and a hand

  61. Tommy Schlaker says:

    what is a wedding girl + shower head

  62. What’s Money+Cow ?

  63. Cierra McBean says:
  64. Georgina Sullivan says:

    what is a rainbow + candy

  65. Mushie Mcmushie says:

    Smoking gun

  66. Alex Climi says:
  67. Becki Wood says:

    What this please ⛅

  68. Becki Wood says:

  69. Daniela Luvz Albi says:
  70. Steven Terranova says:
  71. whats boy + glasses + lightning bolt

  72. What is rainbow+candy?

  73. Morgan grated says:

    What is

  74. ashley jean durbin says:

    Whats is

  75. what is rainbow+candy

  76. Ashley Quinones says:

    Rainbow + candy ?

  77. What’s

  78. What is a clock+a happy face+two beers+one beer

  79. Dylan Johnson says:

    what is a baby + hand

  80. Yasie Higginbottom says:
  81. Yasie Higginbottom says:

    What is clock laughing beer and two beer

  82. Julia Riccardi says:


  83. What’s

  84. man with brown hair+ glasses+ lightning

  85. Whitney Storrow says:

    Moon + man walking to moon

  86. What’s rainbow + candy ?!?

  87. Beth Thorndale says:

    what’s a bowl of noodles+twohands together+a love heart

  88. Jada Smith says:

    What is

  89. Ryan Loving says:

    whats a happy face and a book?

  90. Adore Meh Marie says:

    whats a candy , lolipop, hammer . and boom

  91. Mallie Inmon says:
  92. Georgina Sullivan says:

    what is the rainbow and candy

  93. kennya Harrsion says:

    wat is

  94. kennya Harrsion says:

    wat is

  95. wats a woman+shower

  96. Karla Hernandez says:
  97. Kadie Sloane says:

    Smiley face + book?

  98. Kadie Sloane says:

    what is a clock + blue bucket with an arrow going up

  99. simpley_me❤ says:

    what is lady a man on a bout and a tiger

  100. Jami Huckabee Black says:
  101. Steven Terranova says:

    3 cherry’s?

  102. Carly Teal says:
  103. Lady running to horses

  104. monique mendez says:
  105. Jewel Sweetiepie Slack says:

    a clock+a happy emotocon+ to glasses of beer+one big glass of beer+

  106. Jewel Sweetiepie Slack says:

    what is candy+a lollipop+a hammer+a spark

  107. Jana Daoud says:

    Whats baby bottle+

  108. What is

  109. What’s a speaker with a mark goi threw it?

  110. Kelsey Peterson says:
  111. Mustaches says:

    whats a rainbow and a candy thing

  112. What’s

  113. Jessica Stine says:

    what’s a boy+sunglasses+a lightning bolt?

  114. what’s

  115. Shawnae Brown says:

    a man +sunglasses+lighting

  116. ashley jean durbin says:


  117. ashley jean durbin says:

    Whats the answer to

  118. ashley jean durbin says:

    Whats the answer to

  119. Angelica Rosado says:
  120. Angelica Rosado says:
  121. Jada Hernandez says:

    whats a boy + Glasses + lightning bolt

  122. Josephine Klausen says:

    What is

  123. what is +

  124. What’s an apple, a book, and a wind sign

  125. What is the clock + man +2 beers+ 1 beer

  126. A red slash over a,horn

  127. Darrien Ward says:
  128. Darrien Ward says:
  129. Darrien Ward says:
  130. Claudia Gomez says:

    A rainbow + candy ?

  131. Emily Price says:

    what’s a ball and the #23

  132. Conzo Stannett says:

    whats Clock+smiley face +two beers +beer

  133. Whats

  134. Does anyone know

  135. Plz tell me someone knows

  136. Brogan Shaw says:

    What is

  137. Alaya Machado says:

    What is a <3 + boat

  138. whats a smile face+a book?

  139. Random girl says:


  140. Emily Claussen says:


  141. What would a baby bottle and a hand be

  142. Alicia Beba Palmerin says:

    What is the queen and the hearts

  143. Julia Fox says:

    what is a kid + sunglasses + lightning bolt

  144. Amanda Reyna says:
  145. what is rainbow+candy

  146. Leah Michelle Blankenship says:
  147. it have a men glasses in a zigzag

  148. Jana Daoud says:

    What’s apple+book+blowing wind

  149. Blanca Palacios says:
  150. Tori Pretty'Based Mitchell says:


  151. tatyana harris says:

    A man + glasses +lighting

  152. keychelle says:

    What is the girl in the two hurts

  153. Taylor Whybrew says:

    What is bottle and hand shaking?

  154. jakiah brown says:

    picture of the lady liberty + news paper…

    letters are : e n e w i t o e m s i r k y

  155. eyes and candy

  156. Marisa Marti says:

    The guy+sunglasses+lighting bolt

  157. Marisa Marti says:

    What is a guy+sunglasses+lighting bolt

  158. Samantha Belony says:

    wat is the man with glasses and a light bolt

  159. Random girl says:

    What is

  160. Britney McBroom says:

    What is

  161. Amber Heath says:
  162. Marisa Marti says:


  163. what is the watch and a box thing with a red arrow sticking out of the back

  164. a swimmer+runner+biker….

    letter: h t n r k l h b a w z i t o

  165. Edyta Czeszejko Sochacka says:

    Light Bulb and video camera?

  166. Edyta Czeszejko Sochacka says:

    Light bulb and video camera?

  167. Edyta Czeszejko Sochacka says:


  168. Chryssa Underhill says:

    What’s :

  169. Anonymous says:


  170. Nalle Lopez says:
  171. whats a light bulb+video camera

  172. Ashley Rodriguez says:
  173. Edyta Czeszejko Sochacka says:

    Kvadrat and wine?

  174. wesbybrownmahogany@gmail.com says:

    what is a queen with hearts

  175. What is a man, glasses, and a lightning bolt?

  176. Hetta Ojala says:


  177. Maria Fernandez says:
  178. Carmelo Graziano says:
  179. peaches.brunson.pb says:

    What is

  180. Ce-Ce Lovinglife Brown says:

  181. Random girl says:

    What is ⛅+

  182. marina Clifford says:

    A rainbow+candy

  183. What’s

  184. What’s

  185. Rachel Reene says:

    What is

  186. Juuso Salahetdin says:

    What is tower+

  187. What is

  188. what is a clock +a smiley face +two beers +one beer

  189. Tykeisha Johnson says:

    What is the man an a glass of wine

  190. Anonymous says:
  191. what is a tiger+cheetah+paw prints???

  192. What is a rainbow and a piece of candy?

  193. Britany Safarik says:


  194. Random girl says:

    What is

  195. Britney McBroom says:

    What is palm tree+ drink with green lime+ lighting+ umbrella with rain

  196. What’s

  197. Tony Ajvix says:


  198. What is

  199. Whats a boy+glasses+ lighting bolt

  200. Jennifer Pham says:

    What is a person swimming+a person running+a person riding a bike???

  201. Tykeisha Johnson says:

    What is the

  202. YeaYeaWhatever says:

    A baby bottle +

  203. What is

  204. What’s ->

  205. What’s flag+fish+fries?

  206. Montara2012 says:

    What is

  207. Man-glasses-lighting bolt HELP!!

  208. Kyra Dilonardo says:

    What is a clock+ smiley face+ 2 beers+ beer?

  209. Hermie Carapatan Nohay says:

    what is the rainbow picture+candy

  210. Katarzyna Demczuk says:

    dog+heart ?

  211. Jessmunoz22 says:

    What’s a money bag & a cow

  212. Man glasses lighting

  213. Jana Daoud says:


  214. What is baby bottle+hand??

  215. wats the boy+glasses+lightning

  216. YeaYeaWhatever says:
  217. corn dog

  218. Hali Lukacs says:
  219. what is a bottle + Hand

  220. Rebecca Smith says:

    What’s tower+chat bubble+man with white cape thing on head+little kid wearing green hat?;(

  221. Jaylin Savage says:

    wat is flag hourse dancer and music

  222. Yosef Casas says:


  223. Hali Lukacs says:

  224. what is a light bulb + a movie projector?

  225. Whats the one with a speaker and with the red line through it??

  226. Emily hunt says:

    What is

  227. What’s

  228. samantha love says:

    what is a woman+ a shower?

  229. Mckenzie Loose says:

    what is a clock+ happy face+ beer+2 beers

  230. Carmen Cornejo says:

    what is a France flag (blue, white and red) black ball and a mushroom?? :/

  231. apple+book+cloud

  232. statue of liberty+statue of liberty…. huh I am puzzled

  233. olivette ford says:

    a boy, a pair of eyeglasses and a lightning bolt

  234. Helen Long says:

    Cat box top hat

  235. Connor Bailey says:
  236. whats a fist+bolt

  237. what is a fist and lighting bolt

  238. SyndaL Lewis says:


  239. Susan Williams says:

    what is a baby bottle ans a hand

  240. Susan Williams says:

    heart and boat

  241. Skieta Bramble says:

    What’s a syringe + red coupe car

  242. karen needham says:

    mouse, or rat, + knife and fork+ plate of spaghetti

  243. alex jenkins says:

    speaker with red line thought it and arrow up?

  244. Paige Granado says:

    What is

  245. Paige Granado says:

    What is

  246. What is a ball and the number 2 and 3?

  247. jenn_oldfield says:

    indian boy’s face , boat and a tiger?

  248. jenn_oldfield says:

    the indian boy’s face , boat and tiger was the LIFE OF PI (capitals is what you type in)

  249. Andre Carl Pasumbal says:

    what’s a cloud with an american flag + rocket ship?

  250. what is a man whith glasses and thunder

  251. What’s a rabbit head + egg cooking on a pan?

  252. what is a smiley face and a shoe

  253. Adrian Garrison says:

    Whats an American flag and a boat.(it’s not sail boat)

  254. Jessa viscayno says:

    what is rainbow+candy?

  255. South Korean flag + A horse’s face + A woman dancing in a red dress + Three music notes

  256. vanessa ali says:

    American+ rocket

  257. vanessa ali says:

    American flag + rocket

  258. What is a a Japan flag +bomb + USA +a picture of ship