Guess The Emoji Answers and Cheats

Guess The Emoji Answers and Cheats for every emoji filled level of the game. Do you consider yourself something of an emoji aficionado? If so, it’s time to test you skills with Conversion LLC’s Guess The Emoji. Guess The Emoji is completely free and can be downloaded for all iOS and Android devices. Emojis got you pulling your hair out? Check out all of these helpful Guess The Emoji answers and cheats.
guess the emoji answers

Guess The Emoji Answers and Cheats

From the developers of Guess The 90s comes the chart topping picture trivia game, Guess The Emoji. In this game, you’ll need to play archaeologist by solving a mystery puzzle by combining only cute emoji icons. From movies to characters to even phrases, Guess The Emoji is going to put all of your ideogram skills through the ringer. Think you can handle it. Remember, we’ve got all the Guess The Emoji answers you can handle.

When you begin a level Guess The Emoji, you’re going given a chain of emojis and a bank of letters. From there you’ll need to combine the two emojis to get your mystery word. For every correct answer, you get some coins. For example, you could be shown a gun and a flame. Put them together and you get gunfire. Get it?

Along the way you’ll get the chance to use some helpful in-game hints that can be purchased with your coins. So, say you’ve got the answer on the tip of your tongue but your can’t quite name it, just tap to reveal a letter or remove letters form the bank. Still stuck? Just solve the level completely. However, these hints will be quite limited due to their coin cost. Instead, don’t be a dummy. All you need to do is follow the link at the top of the page and you can dominate the game with all of the Guess The Emoji answers you need.


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