Emoji Pop Answers

Emoji Pop Answers Level 15 Pt 2

Emoji Pop answers and cheats for level 15 pt 2 for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad by Gamoji Limited. Emoji Pop is a new type of puzzle/trivia game that involves at least 2 and no more than 4 Emojis to create compound words, and users must guess the word these Emojis are trying convey. Level 15 of Emoji Pop has 40 questions for you to answer, and here are the answers for level 15 of Emoji Pop.

Emoji Pop Level 15 – 502
  • A fork and knife
  • Answer: Dinner Party
Emoji Pop Level 15 – 503
  • A red high-heel shoe
  • Answer: Red Shoe Diary
Emoji Pop Level 15 – 504
  • A gold key
  • Answer: Keynote
Emoji Pop Level 15 – 505
  • A black dollar sign
  • Answer: Money Talks