100 Pics Answers and Cheats

100 Pics Answers and Cheats for every pack of the game. Sick and tired of the crushing candies and flapping birds? Ready for some hot trivia action? Then try your luck with Poptacular’s 100 Pics Quiz. 100 Pics Quiz is completely free to download and is available for all iOS and Android devices. Troublesome packs got you down? Check out all of the 100 Pics answers and cheats you’ll ever need.
100 pics answers

100 Pics Answers and Cheats

100 Pics is brought to you from the same developers as 100 Catchphrase Quiz. In this picture trivia game, you’ll need to identify a mystery picture by seeing only part of the entire image. From halloween to album covers to history, 100 Pics covers every single category you could ever want in a trivia game. Can you handle all of that sweet trivia madness? Remember, we’ve got your back with all of our 100 Pics answers and cheats.

For every level, you’re going to be given a bank of letters and a blank image. To reveal more of your image, you can tap one of the four squares it is divided up into. However, the more squares you reveal to help you with the answer, the less points you will receive. Therefore, the entire idea of the game is to answer the puzzle with as little help as possible. This way you can earn more coins.

You can then put those coins by purchasing in-game hints. For example, if your can’t quite recall what the heck you’re looking at, just tap to reveal a letter or remove useless letters from the bank. If you’re really stumped, just skip the level completely. Just keep in mind these hints are expensive in coins and will thus be limited. Instead, just stick with us, and head over to the link at the top for all of your 100 Pics answers and cheats.

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